We are carrying out an evaluation of Testing Treatments interactive and want to hear what you think of it.

We realise that we are only just beginning to understand how best to help people make sense of fair tests of treatments.  To achieve this understanding, we need to involve end-users in its design, development and evaluation. In other words, we need to follow our own advice, and subject ourselves to a “fair test of websites”!

As a first step, we have created a very short (6 questions) survey to find out a bit about why you visited the website, what you think of it and what you need to know about fair tests of treatments.

One lucky respondent will receive a signed copy of the Second Edition of Testing Treatments.

For the next step we are going to conduct some hands-on testing in Oxford early in 2013.   If you would like to volunteer for this, please get in touch by email (spelled out to flummox spammers!): info at testingtreatments dot org.

You can also, of course, use our Feedback page to post any comments or suggestions..

Many thanks!

The TTi Team