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Overdiagnosing prostate cancer

Prostate cancer has been described as the par excellence example of overdiagnosis. This does not mean that there are not […]


These are stories about specific clinical cases, diseases or disease areas that illustrate the need for fair tests of treatments. […]

Design and conduct research properly

Stimulated by surveys revealing the poor quality of many reports of clinical trials, reporting standards have been developed and applied.  […]

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References for “Earlier is not necessarily better” 1 Raffle A, Gray M. Screening: evidence and practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press, […]


In TTi, Thumbnails are short stories that illustrate key points of the main text. We have grouped them into four […]

Discoverer of PSA speaks out

‘The test’s popularity has led to a hugely expensive public health disaster. It’s an issue I am painfully familiar with […]

Weighing benefits and harms

There are many examples of beneficial screening. Perhaps the most widely used in adults is the checking of risk factors […]

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