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How to use this website


The website has two main parts:

  1. TT main text, which contains the full text of the book “Testing Treatments”, and
  2. TT extras, which are additional resources, freely available on the internet and identified by our community of users as helpful in facilitating better understanding of the need for fair tests of treatments.

You will also find information on this page about:

TT main text

Each main Chapter of the book is represented as a separate Section.  Within each Section you will find sub-sections, and in some cases sub-sub-sections.

Navigation buttons

Navigation buttons

You can use the navigation buttons to find your way around TT main text as if you were reading the book:

Click Next to go to the Next page in the book.
Click Prev to go to the previous page in the book.
Click Up to go up to the Section menu.


You will notice that each page has a “breadcrumb” at the top which shows your current location, e.g.:

Example of a breadcrumb

You can see another example at the top of this page too, of course. You can click on the links to take a shortcut to “upper” sections.

Example of the In this Section menuIn this section

On the right-hand side is a submenu that shows you all of the pages in the current Section, with the current page highlighted in red.  If the current page is a menu page for a sub-section, this menu shows you the sub-pages.  You can use this menu to move quickly around the Section.

TT extras

This blog-style section shows a list of all of the resources, with the most recently-added one at the top of the list.  You can browse to “older entries” at the foot of the page.

There are two main methods of browsing for TTextras:  information types and topics.

Types of TtextraTypes of information

On the right-hand side you can see a list of information types to help you narrow down your search.  TTextras can be placed in more than one category if they contain more than one type of information.  If you are looking for a different type of resource to the ones shown here, please tell us about it, and tell us about good resources of that type you know about, so we can add them.


TTextra topics

TTextras are also assigned one or more topics relating to fair tests of treatments, which are displayed in this tag cloud format.  Click a topic to see all of the TTextras that relate to it.

The text size in the tag cloud is proportional to the number of TTextras that have been tagged with that topic.

You can’t currently combine Topics and Types.

Other navigational elements

Example of See alsoSee also

“See also” provides contextual links between TT main text and TTextras.  In this way you can easily find TTextras that illustrate a particular concept in the main text, and vice versa.

These links are manually inserted by editors, so if you have any suggestions for additional links from particular pages, we’d be very pleased to hear them.

Example of the Share this page panelShare this page

This panel allows you to share the URL of a given page using Twitter, Facebook, email or another social media platform.  You will have to log in using your account details in order to post the URL of the page.


The website search function at the top right will search the whole website for text that matches whatever you type in here.

The algorithm has a modicum of intelligence in that it will prioritise matches in the title and keywords of a page or TTextra ahead of matches in the body of the page.

Example of the translations panelTranslations

The translations panel allows you to view the current page in a different language.

If no translation is available of the current page, it takes you to the home page of the selected language.


Our comments system uses the DISQUS plug-in, so you may already have a login that you can use to get involved in our discussions.

All comments are moderated and we promise never to use your personal information without your explicit consent.

Users are asked to be polite and constructive in their posts.