The Man Who Swallowed The Pea, and Other Tall Tales

Format: Lessons
Language/s: English
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Short Description:

Tamara Ingamells’ lesson plan using the claim that MMR vaccination causes autism to help teenagers understand the importance of biases.

Key Concepts addressed:


A lesson plan used by Tamara Ingamells, Cheney School, Oxford, to help teenagers understand the importance of biases and the way they led to Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s assertion that inoculation against mumps, measles and rubella predisposed to autism.

Learning Intentions:

  • What is bias?
  • How do I know that the source in front of me is suitable?
  • How can I spot “bad science”?
  • What is the impact of scientific research on public health?
  • How does the media influence impact on scientific
  • Research in positive and negative ways?