1-6 Expert opinion is not always right

Doctors, researchers, patient organisations and other authorities often disagree about the effects of treatments. This may be because their opinions are not always based on systematic reviews of fair comparisons of treatments.

Do not rely on the opinions of experts or other authorities about the effects of treatments, unless they clearly base their opinions on the findings of systematic reviews of fair comparisons of treatments.

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Sunn Skepsis

Denne portalen er ment å gi deg som pasient råd om kvalitetskriterier for helseinformasjon og tilgang til forskningsbasert informasjon.


Publish or be damned

Ben Goldacre points out the indefensible practice of announcing conclusions from research studies which haven’t been published.


Believing is seeing

The British doctor Richard Asher noted in one of his essays for doctors: ‘If you can believe fervently in your […]


When practitioners disagree

In this sub-section Introduction (this page) Caffeine for breathing problems in premature babies Antibiotics in pre-term labour Breast cancer Introduction […]


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