About the book

This section of Testing Treatments interactive tells you about the book on which the site is based, and the four people who wrote the 2nd edition.

The 1st edition of Testing Treatments was published by the British Library in 2006. It was a great success: thousands of copies of the paperback were sold and the book was translated into six languages.  We made the text of the book and translations freely available through our other website – The James Lind Library:  We stopped counting after there had been more than 130,000 free downloads.

The 2nd edition of Testing Treatments was published in 2011, and builds on the success of the 1st edition. As with the 1stedition, it urges everyone to get involved in improving current research and future treatment, and outlines practical steps that patients and health professionals can take together to do this. The full text of the 2nd edition is available for free download from this website, and the paperback and ebook editions can be purchased from the publisher – Pinter and Martin – or from online booksellers. The text is already available in some other languages, and translations into additional languages are being prepared.

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